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Empowering cities with data driven  insights and shared vision

Bridging Sectors, Building Futures: Collaborative Urban Intelligence


At CitySynergy, our goal is to build thriving, sustainable and people-centric urban ecosystems through collaboration among public sector organizations, private entities, and academic research institutions. Together, we work on transforming urban environments into vibrant, sustainable, and resilient spaces for all.

CitySynergy Connect

A networking and collaboration hub that brings together senior government officials, private entities, and top academic researchers to share knowledge, expertise, and resources for advancing urban development.

CitySynergy Engagement

A digital platform designed to empower city makers to plan cities in collaboration with their users by actively engaging residents in urban planning and decision-making processes. This platform allows city dwellers to share their sentiments and feedbacks on city projects, report issues, and contribute their experiences, while also providing access to information about their communities. Through this participatory approach, city makers can better understand the needs and perspectives of city users, ultimately resulting in more people-centric and sustainable urban environments.

CitySynergy Analytics

A comprehensive urban data analytics platform that collects, processes, and visualizes city information from various sources, helping city managers make informed decisions for city planning and development.

CitySynergy Livability & Resilience

A pillar dedicated to creating more sustainable and resilient urban environments. Through innovative solutions and collaborative partnerships, we are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting more livable and resilient communities, and supporting the objectives of COP28 and the UAE's Net Zero by 2050 strategic initiative.

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Key Benefits

Harnessing the power of connections, we bring together diverse stakeholders to collaboratively create inclusive, vibrant spaces that enrich the lives of all community members.


  1. Understanding the challenges, needs, and ambitions of private city makers

  2. Collaborative partnerships

  3. Quarterly reports that include valuable insights, policy recommendations, and support

  4. Informed decision-making and strategic actions

  5. Sustainable and resilient future

  6. Tailored policies and regulations

  7. Meeting market demands

  8. Aligning with COP28 goals and Net Zero strategy

  9. A comprehensive and holistic view of the city


  1. Sharing your company's visions and struggles with the government

  2. Collaboration/partnership opportunities with regional CEOs and senior government officials

  3. Access to valuable insights and knowledge sharing

  4. Private events for networking and relationship building

  5. Driving  your business forward

  6. Gaining insights into cutting-edge technologies

  7. Learning best practices in sustainability and resilience


  1. Networking opportunities with industry leaders and policymakers

  2. Potential collaborations and research partnerships

  3. A platform for showcasing research and expertise

  4. Engaging with diverse audience on urban challenges

  5. Staying up-to-date on latest innovations and best practices

  6. Enriching teaching and research in smart cities and urban planning

"With a series of high-level events and data-driven reports, CitySynergy Intelligence aims to become the premier platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange among city makers in the MENA region."



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Upcoming Consortiums

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How do our insights come to life?

Index Creation

Our team uses the data analysis results to create our Livability & Resilience Index which captures the main pillars and dimensions of a city's operation. Our index is comprehensive and include indicators that cover social, economic, safety, health and wellness, transportation, environmental, and governance factors, among others.

Policy Recommendations

Using the data and insights gathered, we will develop tailored policy recommendations that address the identified challenges and opportunities, with a focus on building sustainable and efficient cities.

Data Analysis

Analyze the data collected using advanced analytics tools, such as data mining, machine learning, and natural language processing. This will help to identify patterns, trends, and correlations in the data, which can be used to generate insights and policy recommendations.

Stakeholder Involvement

We engage with various stakeholders, including public and private sector entities, community groups, and academia to understand their unique perspectives and gather insights on potential solutions.

Implementation and support

We provide implementation support to governments and private entities to ensure the successful adoption and execution of the policy recommendations.

Data Collection

We collect data from various sources, including government agencies, private companies, academic institutions, surveys, interviews, and data tools.

CitySynergy Intelligence covers


Government entities


Private companies


Research Centres&Universities


City main pillars

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